Remote stories — first team meeting

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Remote stories — first team meeting
Remote stories — first team meeting
Skillfactory used to work without an office long before the pandemic, and like no one else knows all the pros and cons of a remote team.

But sometimes even very satisfied employees want to meet offline, hug and look at each other. In addition, the company approached rebranding, and it was necessary to acquaint everyone with it, reduce the degree of anxiety and just have a great time together with those who had previously been seen only in zoom.

We were asked to organize a warm, sincere event filled with new meanings for the company and vivid memories for employees. To do this, everyone came to Yerevan, weaved a common carpet together, ate a cake decorated with an old brand, went on a city tour and way more. A feature of this event was the complete freedom of choice of activities, places and entertainment for all 230 members of the Skillfactory team.
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