High-impact creative events for your team

Mandarin Fox is the most reliable partner on all matters: from planning to delivery, from strategy to operations. Drawing on our 6 years’ experience and using a creative individual approach, we develop and deliver events that fulfill your company's strategy effectively, while ensuring your employees' and customers’ retention through high engagement.
Plan your event
Turning your pains into gains
Deadlines Matter
We have enough resources to prepare your event by a specific date. We build a road map and manage time slots. We assign a person responsible for each event delivery function and replace this person in case of force majeure
Drive your Strategy
We make high-impact events which fuel your team and help you to achieve your corporate goals. Taking into account your corporate values, we design events which maximize your team involvement.
Creativity Meets Individual Approach
We make a creative brief together. To clarify details and share your vision we organize an online meeting. We develop several concepts for your event so you can choose.
Meet the Fox
Feel the vibe of Mandarin Fox and explore the variety and scale of our projects by watching the showreel.
Bring your people together wherever they are
We organize people using traditional face-to-face events, online, or using the combination of in-person and digital elements, tailored to each audience for optimal experiences.
Stay connected with your team even when working remotely all over the world
Bring distributed teams in one space with live communication
Meet with your teammates in one place or go out all together for a special occasion
Bring your team to the adventure
Get started
Why choose Mandarin Fox?
Predictive Customer Support and Care
We do our best to provide you with the best client service and give you structure and support.
We keep things under control
We ensure 100% engagement – before, during and after the event. You can outsource everything event-related to us and gain results without staff expenditures.
We share your values
We consider all our clients to be our partners and build our connection with confidence, competence and responsibility.
We bring together brilliant people and professionals
CEO and Founder
Katerina Liseycheva
Operations Director
Nadya Zubareva
Head of Creative Team
Kate Aleksashina
Head of Projects Team
Natalie Voyno
Project Manager
Julia Firsova
Project Manager
Jane Plaksunova
Customers Care Service Manager
Vlada Zhilina
Anastasia Chernova
Content Creator
Angelina Dontsova
Finance Manager
Tanya Pischulina