Corporate retreat in a Summer camp all year round

Unlock all the creative power of your team in a fun atmosphere
Get a breath of fresh air
Throwback to Your Childhood
Who says grown-ups can't have fun? Dive into the atmosphere of a real leepaay holiday with a play-based retreat: gathering near a campfire and singing songs, watching sunrises, and outdoor and indoor games. An experienced team of coaches, team-leaders and communicators will be there for you.
Top-3 reasons to schedule a corporate camp:
  • Boost your Strengths
    We have all heard the phrase, “play to your strengths.” In a dynamic group situation, a strong team is built of people playing to their strengths and supporting each other in that endeavor. Some members' strengths bolster up other members' weaknesses.
  • Stimulate and Encourage Unified Teams
    Without the pressures of a work environment, people relax and feel they can take the time to get to know their peers in new ways. They open up and interact on a different level. They form deeper connections.
  • Support Professional Development
    Employees are an investment. An investment that deserves to be nurtured and allowed to grow. Scheduling a corporate retreat for professional development shows that employees are valued and considered contributors to the success of a business.They see that professional development is a crucial element in the success of the company.