High-impact creative events for your team

Each organization is a living, breathing organism made up of people who constantly change, grow, and come from a variety of backgrounds. Business leaders should understand that no company is created with a corporate culture already in place. Corporate events saturate your company's culture and ensure your employees' ’ retention through high engagement.
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Gains and goals
We tell the story of your business and brand through events. Each activity brings the participants into an adventure and guarantees the highest involvement. An event becomes special with four key components: context, place, structure and details.
Share your vision
Bring remote and distributed teams in one space with live communication.
Improve team communication
We offer activities strengthening interpersonal relationships and encouraging your employees to work with others towards shared goals.
Build your strong HR brand
Regular activities keep your teammates fulfilled and driven – which improves employees’ loyalty.
Release emotional baggage
Shape your company’s emotional culture and cultivate support by giving your team the opportunity to express their feelings.
Corporate events and team building events
Digital, hybrid and live experiences in office and around the world
Team-building activities
Whether you are looking for a fun team building challenge for an away day or an engaging element for a conference, we offer a range of unique and unorthodox creative corporate team building activities.
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Outdoor Adventure
We offer event management services all over the world and a team of proven professionals to assist you in any issue wherever you are.
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Corporate celebration
We create an event that will make every member of your team feel special. Celebrate company’s milestones and reward your team for the jobs well done.
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What about money?
Decoration and equipment
Light, sound, installation, dismantling, decorator, technical support
Our work
The agency’s commission may differ from project to project. In any case, Mandarin Fox gives out 100%.
Venue and catering
Rent, food, beverage, service and cleaning
Scenario, programme, event presenter, stage manager, speakers and other people involved in the event agenda.
Shuttles, logistics, navigation, comfort and on-site safety