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We share values
We strive to build connections through common values not only with our clients but with others as well.

We bring together brilliant people and professionals.
CEO and Founder
Katerina Liseycheva
Operations Director
Nadya Zubareva
Head of Creative Team
Kate Aleksashina
Head of Projects Team
Natalie Voyno
Project Manager
Julia Firsova
Project Manager
Jane Plaksunova
Customers Care Service Manager
Vlada Zhilina
Anastasia Chernova
Content Creator
Angelina Dontsova
Finance Manager
Tanya Pischulina
Let’s get it started
We started with the widest variety of memorable events, from wedding and Christmas celebrations to private parties and corporate conferences – and we love that every event is totally different. Whatever the event, our impulse is always the same – we design for impact but we love details, because that is what everyone remembers.
Come as we are
We started managing corporate events for large companies and corporations. We organized our first global event – it was in Switzerland.
We were the pioneers of event management for remote teams. We tried hybrid and we liked it.
Why choose Mandarin Fox?
  • Facilitating the adaptation process of new employees
    We create a comfortable space for communication where your team can get to know each other better and make friends.
  • Establishing communication and driving the team spirit
    We bring departments, distributed teams and remote employees together in one time, space and context.
  • Impressing and impacting
    Wow! After our events, your company will be talked about! We create memories through exceptional experiences that raise your brand awareness, as well as customers’, clients’, partners’ and employees’ loyalty and retention.
  • Have fun
    We know a lot about entertainment: outdoor games, quizzes, sport activities, art parties, tourism and crazy dancing until you drop – we will find exactly what your guests need.